It is the near future and the world has become crowded, warm and sick. Persistent pandemics and climate change have bankrupted most of the world governments.

Banks and businesses have merged into superentitys with almost limitless power and private armies. The rule of law has reverted to the rule of man.

The only thing separating you from the corpses at the mass graves is your will to live, the few friends you really trust – and your gun.

The climb from the warrens to the upper echelons of power will be long and perilous, but if you make it, YOU will be deciding the fate of our futures!

HexGen RPG

HexGen RPG Playtest Kit – July 2021

July Playtest Kit Update is here! The page count increased by 24 pages. This update includes:

  • New rules for Hacking
  • Visual guides to Building a New Character and for Firefights
  • New Character Upgrades
  • 13 Narrative Scenes to help you build futuristic adventures

The August Update will include 13 additional Scenes we are the September Update will include 13 more! So click the big link below and give HexGen a try!

Download the Playtest Kit

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