It is the near future and the world has become crowded, warm and sick. Persistent pandemics and climate change have bankrupted most of the world governments.

Banks and businesses have merged into superentitys with almost limitless power and private armies. The rule of law has reverted to the rule of man.

The only thing separating you from the corpses at the mass graves is your will to live, the few friends you really trust – and your gun.

The climb from the warrens to the upper echelons of power will be long and perilous, but if you make it, YOU will be deciding the fate of our futures!

HexGen RPG

Basic Rules book, some pages from the book, 10 yellow dic

HexGen RPG: Basic Rules

This book gives you all the tools to start your adventures in the dystopian cyberpunk future!

The Basic Rules for the HexGen RPG give you all the tools you need to arbitrate player actions, skill-checks, combat, and equipment. We provide you with an almost realistic framework for technological advancement based on current and emerging research, a robust system for building characters, and a short guide for the Architect for narrating HexGen adventures.

We leave most of the world-building to the Architects. If you have previously enjoyed established dystopian or sci-fi settings, you can keep enjoying those settings while using the HexGen system. We will release in-depth campaign books and compendiums shortly, but for now, we just wanted to get the Basic Rules out for you to play and enjoy!


Disclaimer: We update the Basic Rules as we create more content, graphics and clarify the rules. You can find version information on the third page.

Character Sheets

Use this pen and paper Character Sheet if you need to write your Character Upgrades on the sheet. Print to A3 paper or bigger.
Use this Digital Character Sheet if you are using FoundryVTT to build your character with drag and drop Tokens (new Tokens coming soon).

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