It is the near future and the world has become crowded, warm and sick. Persistent pandemics and climate change have bankrupted most of the world governments.

Banks and businesses have merged into superentitys with almost limitless power and private armies. The rule of law has reverted to the rule of man.

The only thing separating you from the corpses at the mass graves is your will to live, the few friends you really trust – and your gun.

The climb from the warrens to the upper echelons of power will be long and perilous, but if you make it, YOU will be deciding the fate of our futures!

HexGen RPG

Developer Insight: Let’s Create a Character

Welcome to the first Developer Insight Blog. In this article, we build a character for HexGen using the Foundry Virtual Tabletop. The Character Sheet and Tokens seen here are available in the HexGen Playtest Kit. You can use the tokens in Foundry or other virtual tabletops (such as RollD20) or even a digital whiteboards to build your characters. No support is provided for using digital tools, until we release the final version of the HexGen Ruleset.

Let’s get started! Today we are building a fast-moving gunslinger.

This is the HexGen Character Sheet in Foundry – a visual representation of everything your character has learned during the course of a HexGen campaign. At the moment it is empty. When creating a new character, you typically have 6 Training Points (TPs) to build the Character. The first choice you have to make, when creating a character is choosing your background.

A Background tells you what your character has been doing before the campaign begins. For a fast-moving gunslinger any of the following backgrounds would work well: Biomechanic, Traceur or Soldier. Biomechanic gains a bonus to Movement Speed, Soldier can reroll low damage, and Traceur can reroll Athletics (Jump and Climb) skill-checks. Let’s choose the Traceur background, so we can also move up and down on the battlefield. We now have 5 Character Upgrades left.

Traceur’s Primary Skills are Athletics and Cool and a choice of either Small Arms, Heavy Weapons or Martial Arts. Let’s choose Small Arms as a Third Primary skill for our gunslinger.

At this point we have to decide if we want to purchase all Primary Skills at character creation. We want to save some Character Upgrades for – well Character Upgrades, so let’s just purchase Athletics and Small Arms. We can always purchase more skills when the Architect rewards us with more Training Points. We now have 3 TPs left and our Character Sheet looks like this.

As we purchased the Primary skills, our Athletics and Small Arms skills increased to 4D6 and all other skills are still 3D6 (we left the other skills empty for clarity). Now let’s purchase some Character Upgrades. Since we have only Small Arms and Athletics skills purchased, we can only choose Character Upgrades from these skills. Keeping to the vision of a fast-moving gunslinger, let’s purchase Sprinting and Rush, so we can get an extra move when sprinting and we can Take Cover as a Reaction. Let’s also choose Run & Gun from Small Arms, so we can move before attacking without taking a penalty to the Handling Roll.

We have now used all our Training Points and the Character Sheet looks like this:

Our Athletics skill has increased to 5D6, since skills increase by one dice for every two New Character Upgrades. The last step is to add in all the other details. Our Health and Bioelectricity are at 20, since we didn’t purchase any Background or Character Upgrades to boost them. Our Stability is still at 20, because we have not installed cybernetics. Let’s call our character Alex Monroe and give them a cool call sign, like “Beep, Beep!”.

The last step is to purchase some Armor and a Weapon. Let’s choose the Athena 9mm Handgun and the Recon Series Light Armor, which gives us the weakest protection, but greatest mobility. Alex can always use the Take Cover Action to boost their armor. And that’s it! Alex still has a lot of money to spend on services or they can save the money to purchase Cybernetics at a later date.

Here’s a final look at our Ready to Play Character Sheet!

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you would like us to talk about in the next Developer Insight!

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